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10 Last Minute Gifts on a Budget

10 Last Minute gifts on a budget!

Life is busy! Sometimes you do so much in one day that
you’re left scratching your head asking “Where did the time go?” I know I am
always searching for more hours in a day.

The holiday season is a great time of year to show people
how much they mean to you and give special gifts from the heart. Its even
better when these gifts are friendly to the wallet. Here are 10 last minute
gifts, in case you forgot, couldn’t figure out what to get, or your guilted
because you received something from someone that was not on your list

A bottle of alcohol

Alcohol is a definite crowd pleaser for
those over 21. People love getting a good bottle of wine or their favorite
drink of choice. Not only do you know that the gift will be used and
appreciated, you can buy whatever fits your budget. Want to get creative? Go
for a themed basket. If you DIY you can get a basket or bucket and two glasses
from the dollar store, hot the supermarket for the mixer and then the liquor
store for your bottle of juice. Budget friendly and still much appreciated

Hat, Scarf, and Glove set

The holiday season is the coldest part of
the year. If anyone one of you is like me then you cannot stand to be cold
(Frosty and I are not good friends). A hat and scarf are completely necessary
to keep warm and protect your immune system. If you throw in some matching
gloves, you’ll be all set. Stores like Five Below, Ross, Walmart, and Target
are great places to find all three at a great price. Find the set in your
receiver’s favorite color and you’re good to go.

A Movie

Everyone loves a good movie and everyone
has their favorites. When it’s snowing or raining, the first things most people
want to do is stay inside and watch a marathon of movies and curl up with a
blanket on the couch. A movie is the perfect gift for this time of year.
Whether you go with an old holiday classic or modern movie that was just
released to DVD, you can add popcorn and hand it right over!

Mug with Assorted Teas or Hot Chocolate

A warm cup of something tasty brings up
that cozy feeling. The cozy feeling is what people long for after a long day. A
great way to relax is by drinking chamomile tea but if you’re not a tea
drinker, a cup of cocoa works the same. For the person who loves that cozy
feeling, get a nice mug and fill it with an array of teas, hot chocolate mix or
coffee and wrap it all up. Want to go the extra mile? Hit up your favorite
craft store for a letter to Monogram your mug with your receivers initials.

Pedicure Set

It does not matter whether the receiver is
male or female, hygiene is very important. Colder months dries out the skin and
make heels, elbows, and lips very prone to cracked skin. No one wants to have
their feet look like they’ve been living in the year of the Flinstones. Get a
pumice stone, a moisturizing lotion, toe nail clippers, nail polish and remover
(optional) and a nail file and you have yourself a gift.

Magazine Subscription

Don’t underestimate the power of needing to
stay informed. It could be the latest on your favorite celebrity or what’s
going on, magazines have it al. There are so many different types of magazines
for different reasons and different point of views. A magazine subscription as
a gift appeals to someone’s intellect and their need for knowledge. If you had someone in your life that’s always
in the know, get them a subscription. It will be put to good use

A book

Piggy backing off the last gift idea, a
book is good for the reader or in your life. If you know their favorite genre,
you can look on the best sellers list and see what’s most popular right now.
However, if you’re not sure, you can use your insight on the person to get them
a self-help book, a book on their favorite hobby, business endeavor, class they
are taking or problem they are having. There is so much to choose from. You
can’t go wrong.

Grocery Store Gift Card

How many of us have complained about the
price of groceries and paying cash for all of it? When you’re trying to live a
healthy lifestyle with all the fresh and unprocessed food you’re buying, it can
get a little expensive. Why not ease someone’s pocket this holiday season and
get them a gift they can really use. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t be happy
with someone that helps them fill up their fridge and pantry and save a few
extra dollars.

Cookie Recipe in a Jar

Who doesn’t love cookies? Better Yet, who
doesn’t love fresh baked cookies? I’m going to go with no one as my number one
answer. Fresh baked cookies are essential this time of year so why not fill a
jar with all the supplies someone needs to make a batch. Layer some Flour,
baking powder, baking soda, salt, white sugar, brown sugar and your choice of
chocolate chips, M&M’s or Reeses Pieces and you have yourself a recipe.

Aromatic Oil and Burning Dispenser

In this day and age, it’s important to
relax. It’s necessary. You have to take the time to take care of yourself.
Burning an oil in your home is a great way to fill the room with fragrance but
it also doubles as a way to soothe yourself. Oils like Lavender, Rose and
Chamomile are perfect for any type of anxiety treatment or to just unwind after
a long day. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

You can clearly put your own spin on any of
these gift ideas. Happy Holidays to you and yours and I hope everyone gets what
they wished for.


Candace Ray


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