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A Latina Disney Princess is a win for the Ladies

It’s very common that we learn by visuals. If we see something done, often we will try to do it ourselves. It’s natural. If someone goes first and shows us the way then we can imagine ourselves achieving the same goal and being successful at it. If you see someone else with possible the same stats as you such as background, race, religion, age, or financial status, achieve something, then it becomes more real to you!

Ladies have been rising to the occasion for quite some time now. We have a woman running for president of the United States, one of the richest people in the world happens to be an African American Woman, and Disney is now getting their first Latina princess who will have an original series on the Disney channel. We are woman, hear us roar.

Introducing Elena, the first Latina Disney princess. The series will be airing July 22 on the Disney channel. Elena is heir to the throne and must learn how to rule over over Avalor, all while being only 16. Elena isn’t your typical princess waiting to be rescued. She does the rescuing. Not only did Disney include Latin Folklore and culture into each episode but they did away with the overly emphasized romantic fantasy. Way to go Disney! We girls are way more than damsels in distress.

When I saw this, I couldn’t pass it over. It’s another win for us ladies. Our young girls need to see themselves as what they can be in order to make it possible. Relating to someone makes you understand your own power and what you have the ability to do. In all cultures, there needs to be a widely known character than children can relate to and understand that everyone may be different but that’s what makes us all unique and special. It’s not about capitalizing on the differences but understanding them and embracing it for what it is.

Another win for the ladies!

Candace Ray

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