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What’s Your Undertone?

People don’t exactly realize how important undertone is. Your undertone will dictate to what colors work best for you as far as makeup and fashion. There are two things about your skin tone. There’s your surface tone which many of us know as fair, medium, dark and deep. Now, you have your undertone which is what color lies beneath the surface. The point of recognizing your undertone is to enhance what’s already in you and focus on what will work best for your type. If you look your best, you’ll feel your best and that’s always the aim.

I’m a brownskin girl with yellow and orange undertones, which means my undertones are warm. Colors in that realm like gold, peach, and earth tones look great on me and complement my skin well. When I play up my undertones, I am bringing out my best looks and staying true to what works for me. You can’t go wrong with finding what works for you and sticking with it.

Undertones are broken down into 3 categories:

Cool- pink, red, blue

Warm- yellow, peach golden

Neutral- a mix of both warm and cool

Need to find out which undertone is for you? Read below

1)      Vein checks- Undertone is beneath the surface so checking out what’s on the inside could really benefit you. Take a look at the veins on your wrist. If the veins are a bluish color, more than likely, you have a cool undertone but if your veins appear to more on the green side then you probably have a warm under tone. If your veins appear green, don’t be alarmed. Nothing is wrong. If you have yellow toned skin, it can appear green because yellow and blue make green. Remember those primary colors kids.

2)      Check your jewelry- Let’s take preference out of the category here. Everyone has a preference over silver or gold but let’s take that factor away. Put on your jewelry and see which one makes you more radiant, awake, and illuminous. If silver makes you shine, then you have cool undertones but if gold makes you glow, you’re a warm undertone.

3)      Ask the sun- How about we see what the sun has to say about this? This all depends on how you tan. If you’re in the sun and your skin starts to turn more of a golden brown or a pink if you’re lighter skinned, your undertones are on the warm side. However, if your skin gets darker and deeper in color if you’re dark or you tend to burn if you’re light skinned, then your undertones are on the cooler side.

If you do these tests, then you’ll be able to play up your undertones and compliment your surface tone and outer beauty even more. For those of you who want to wear the colors that bring out your undertones, you have your cool and warm color undertone combinations below. Use that to guide you with what will work. Get into it girls!


Warm Undertone                                                           

·         Yellow                                                               

·         Orange

·         Brown

·         Ivory

·         Pale Pink

·         Nude



Cool Undertone

·         Blue

·         Green

·         Pink

·         Purple

·         Magenta

·         Red (with a blue base)


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