According To Candace Ray

Gray Sweatshirt and Light Wash Ripped Jeans

The weather has been up and down this “Spring” First, its hot as all hell, then chilly, but then it evens out to the perfect temperature. The weather is like a us girls when we’re hungry; I don’t think it knows what it wants. However, that makes it pretty difficult to dress for the day. Finding combinations to keep you cool during the day and covered at night is key. Ripped jeans and a simple top is a great way to combine both.

This look works for Spring and Fall! I LOVE low key outfits like this. Most of the time, my outfits are very dressy so this is a way for me to be dressed down but still add something extra. My signature is taking simple pieces and dressing it up. That helps me stay true to what I really like; trendy and affordable style. You can never go wrong with that.

Guess what?? This outfit cost me $27 dollars. No, I’m not lying.

Sweatshirt: $5 Primark

Sneakers: $7 Primark

Jeans: $15 Rainbow

What do you think???



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