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3 Spring Looks, 1 Dress

Spring is here and many of us (mostly me) are very happy to see it alive and well. Spring can be strange now because it can be hot like a summer day or cool and pollen filled in its normal state! The variety of outfit choices expands as soon as the weather breaks. For spring, I love outfit pieces that you can dress in many different ways but it’s all centered around one piece. Its a great way to create more than one outfit and stay within your budget. Here’s 3 spring looks with one dress!

Here’s the black midi, dressed up. If you pair this with a flowing kimono and heels you are ready for girls night out, date night or a fancy fashionable meeting.

A denim shirt is a great way to dress down a midi. I tied this top at the middle to show off more of the dress and paired it with sneakers that match the shirt. If it happens to be more of a summer day this spring, you can tie the shirt around your waist and you’re still stylish yet cool!

Cardigans go with everything. This is definitely a fall and spring staple piece for me. I can just put it with anything nd it can make an outfit pop and also keep you warm. The midi dress is no different. I paired this dress with a long cardigan and matching flats. This is for those cool nights where you just wanna look weather appropriate and chic.

With any outfit, be sure to accessorize. Putting the right necklace, earrings, bracelet and other pieces will take any outfit from basic to stunning. Try dressing your midi up or down. The choice is yours.


Candace Ray


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