According To Candace Ray

A Gentle Reminder

There are many things that won’t stop in life. Time, change, growth, and finances are of few of those consistencies that we can count on throughout our lives. Due to everyone putting their business on display for all to see, seeing other people’s growth, finances, and change will always happen. These are things that we can not control. However, we can control our reactions.

It’s extremely easy to get down on yourself when you see those who are at the same “level” as you seemingly pass where you are. You may have just graduated college and you haven’t gotten that job yet but a few of your friends are well into their careers and making moves. Somehow all of your friends have gotten into meaningful relationships and you’re still looking for the one person who will go beyond a first date and a few texts messages. You could be watching someone with your same business elevate and soar while you’re at a standstill. There’s also being in your late 20’s or early 30’s and everyone and their mom (literally) are having babies and getting married and you just figured out what being in a committed relationship is all about. It’s all in your face. All the time. Everyday!

Things like the above stated can be really difficult for those who are on the side of waiting. You’re not there yet but everyone else seems to be. It can be frustrating to watch the life you want unfold in front of your eyes and its not the one you’re actually living. Its not the best but let me be the one to tell you, It’s Necessary!!

Your path is designed strictly for you. Life may not be going exactly the way that you want but its going according to the plan that is for you. In certain areas, it may not be your time for that experience. In other areas, it may not be the best option for you, period. Don’t get down on yourself for what you see others experiencing. Looks aren’t always what seem. Love the life you’re living and be thankful for where you are. God made you specifically. He thought you were worth saving! Live on purpose!


Candace Ray

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