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A Quick Trip to Ross and a $7 Romper Later

I have these random impulses to buy things. Most of the time, for clothes. These impulses come in waves. One day, I’m totally content with my wardrobe and have most of the things I need but the next day, I have no clothes, my wardrobe sucks and I really need to go shopping. I know I’m not the only one. “I don’t need any more clothes. My wardrobe is perfect!” Said no one ever.
One Saturday, before heading to a baby shower, I really wanted to wear something different. However, I didn’t have a lot of money to achieve anything too extensive. My go to places for quick fits in a crunch and on a budget is Ross, Marshalls, and Primark. Since Ross is so close to my house, I decided to go and do some browsing to see what I could find. I had no expectations. I just wanted to see what I could grab and afford and as usual, Ross did not disappoint.

As I was looking through the racks, I saw something mustard yellow that caught my eye. I was totally attracted to the color because I was currently wearing it on my nails. I had truly taking a liking to the color over this season. It looks so great on my skin. I’ve always been attracted to Gold and Mustard Yellow is the less expensive, more accessible little sister to my favorite metal.
I had to go over and look at it. I pulled it and it was a very cute, short, and off the shoulder romper. I examined it, realized it was my size and one of my favorite styles; off the shoulder. I checked the price and almost fell over. It was on sale for $6.99. I literally said out loud “Oh this is coming with me!” I went over in my head all the things I had at home to go with it and proceeded to go to the checkout counter with my new romper in hand.

I paired the romper with brown sandals, gold trimmed glasses, and gold accessories from ears to wrist. I was so happy with my purchase. It was shower and weather appropriate and I got many compliments on my ensemble. I was proud of my $7. What a great buy for so little!
I should probably mention that I found a very pretty floral jumpsuit for $13.99?? Oh…That’s another post for another day, Girl!


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