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Better Together

I’m always looking for empowerment. Literally! I look for anything that inspires me and pushes me to keep going every single day. It’s what I love and what I need.

Most of the time I look for it from other women. I get inspired by men as well but it’s something about the mirror effect that’s so powerful. I’m not looking to compete with my sisters. I’m looking to work with, gain knowledge, and draw strength from my sisters. It’s important to me and it’s even better when like minds are in sync.
I came across a video on facebook that really made me want to do the slow clap. It was liberating and truly something that I believe in. I added the video below so that every woman can understand that there is power in our number. There is something brilliant about women coming together to support and uplift one another. Who am I if I tear you down?
Ladies, we have to know that every other woman that you come in contact with is not a target but an ally. The faster we learn where our strengths and safe havens are, the faster we will all get to a common goal. Sisterhood!



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