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Body Image: From Me to You

I watched a video the other day that grabbed me by the heart. I watched in its entirety and had so many mixed emotions the whole time. The video is below so that all of you can see exactly what I mean but read on.

In the video, two best friends had to write down their own body image issues and then direct them to their friend aloud. There were a lot if you have, you shouldn’t, you look, and if you but it was all about themselves but told to the friend as if it was about the other. They both cried while doing so and held hands and apologized to each other in the end. The video is powerful for a few reasons. Let me explain…..

Women are often put under a microscope and dissected like frogs in embalming fluid. It can really screw up the way we look at ourselves. We’re never thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, or just good enough. There’s always something that could be better with how we look, in our own opinion. The biggest thing that was powerful about this video was that it was brutally honest. It showed the raw emotion that we feel as women when we talk about our bodies and how harsh we treat ourselves. We have so much negativity toward our own bodies that its hard for another woman to hear what you’ve been thinking silently, aloud. The other thing I found powerful was the women apologizing to each other. It was heartfelt how they felt for one another and their tears were more so for the other than themselves. They explained that even in being best friends, the other did not know that each felt the way about their bodies. They had been harboring these harsh truths about themselves and they had exposed it to the person they had been sharing some secrets with for a while.

Its not easy to expose a hard truth about yourself. Its not easy to say that, you cry when you’re alone, you think you’re not as pretty as other women around you, or that you are afraid to get pregnant because of the weight gain and facial changes that will make your imperfections even more visible. Knowing who you are and where you came from is one thing but being comfortable with all of it is another story. I’ve heard before that if we all put our problems in a pile and everyone had a chance to look at everything everyone else was struggling with, more than likely, we would pick our own problems back up. My image of me is very different from your image of you but that doesn’t mean I don’t identify and stand with you.

Women need to empower each other to accept ourselves and each other flaws and all. Many celebrities are known for how awesome their bodies are but catch them in a one on one interview and you’ll see that they have some of the same issues with “perfection.” There’s not such thing as perfect but there is something called real and that’s all we can be. Thick Thighs are real, wide noses are real, small boobs and wide hips are real, cellulite is real and bra fat is real. Its all real but that doesn’t mean its not all beautiful.

I salute all of you beautiful, powerful women and I challenge you to salute yourselves. Round of applause for the lovely woman reading this. I see you gorgeous!


Candace Ray

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