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The Cleanse you need to start your year

A new year means that you need to get rid of all your old stuff. That’s right! All of it! Get it out of here! It means you know good and it’s just taking up space! While there may be some gems in there, you absolutely have to get rid of what does not belong. It’s really important to cleanse you mind, body and space in order to make room for all the new things that are about to come into your life. Let’s Talk, Shall we?


The first thing that you should cleanse is your space. You may not realize this but having so many things in your space can really cloud your mind and judgement. Your space is cluttered, therefore, your mind is cluttered. When you can’t find things easily, you don’t have anywhere to put something, or there’s piles of “stuff” everywhere, you won’t be able to fully function. It’s time to get rid of it all. Go through your closets and drawers for clothes and shoes. Toss anything that is too small, outdated, not yours (your ex’s old t-shirt that you have no need to hang on to), damaged, or not useful to you anymore. Items that are in good condition can go to the goodwill or a local church to be given to the less fortunate. Go through your medicine cabinets, food cabinets, jewelry box, pantry, and car and get rid of anything that will not make you better, keep you fly, or keep you healthy! You do not need it. Be a hoarder of memories and moments. Not things!


Starting to clear your space begins to free your mind of the clutter. Your space is clear so now your mind needs to follow suit. In 2016, we were all exposed to one of the most brutal presidential elections that any of us have been alive to see. There was so much back lash within that and it also perpetuated racial, sexist, and multiple discriminatory connotations that left all of our heads spinning. We definitely need a mental break to help us, especially with this new political journey. The first thing is to get off of social media for a while. You need some time to get back to your own thoughts and ideas without a million other opinions and life struggles to read. Turn off the notifications and take a week break from the digital world. If you need to talk to friends, try a call or text. If you need to find out what’s going on in the world, watch the news or read the paper. The second thing is to delete and block people in your phone.  The person you keep going back and forth with about not being in a relationship yet doing “relationship things” needs to go bye-bye!  The numbers of people you don’t speak with, people you don’t like, businesses you don’t frequent, apps you don’t use, pics you don’t like or have too many of, need to be deleted and out of your storage. Make room for new things and experiences. I dare you!



On to the next! Your space is clear, your mind is refreshed, so it’s time to take care of your body. Cleansing your body makes you more energized and definitely healthier and who doesn’t want to walk into a new year with a clean bill of health. One great way to cleanse your body is the veggie and fruit cleanse. For about 4-5 days, you are to consume nothing but fruit, vegetables, water and 100% fruit juice. Don’t get me wrong, you should portion these out and eat the properly. Just because you’re eating healthy and fresh does not mean you can gorge on the food. Start the habit of proportionate eating. Also, get creative with your dishes. No meat, no dairy and no sugar. Your body and energy will thank your later


Everyone needs to start on a good foot. Cleansing a good for the soul. You may be so much happier in a clear, clean space, a zen and transparent mind, and an energized and lighter feeling body. After that, you’ll be ready to conquer whatever the year will bring your way. You got this!



Candace Ray


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