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December Ipsy Bag: Review

The holidays tend to take a lot out of you and keep you busy. In a good way, however, it can be an overwhelming time of year. I absolutely can not forget about my December Ipsy Glam bag and all the goodies inside. This post comes a little late but better late than never!

This glam bag is gorgeous. I love the red holiday color and the feel of the material on the bag. This can certainly double as a clutch for any outfit (or at least I’m going to put it to use in that way lol). I love getting multiple uses out of one item and I’m going to get my money’s worth from this.

City Color Be Matte Blush

I love a good blush! I know people have their issues with blush on brown skin but its awesome to me. Its all about owning your look. I’ve tried all three blushes in the palette and I have to say the Fresh Melon is my favorite. It gave subtle color without overwhelming. It paired well with my calm makeup days and I enjoyed it. The color also lasts a long time which is what you want to look for in any makeup.

Symphony Beauty Snow Cream Moisturizer

This snow cream moisturizer has to be the softest moisturizer I have ever tried in my life. The texture is so smooth and fluffy. I usually like to test things on my hands because my skin is sensitive. My hands felt hydrated after using it and the smell was calming. This is definitely one I will keep in mind to order.

Tarte Glossy Lip Paint

As you already know from following me and reading my blogs, I’m not very big on lip color. Its still something I’m getting used to and there are only a few that I can say I truly like. Outside of a nude or pale pink, the struggle is real. So, there’s no surprise that I didn’t enjoy the color of this Tarte lip paint on my skin tone. I did enjoy the feel of the product. The lip paint was moisturizing and easy to get off. I may give this another try pretty soon.

Benefit The POREfessional

Primers are a recent┬ádiscovery for me. Before, I was told I didn’t need a primer because I have even skin. Well, that was a lie. Primers are great to keep your makeup in place and minimize the appearance of pores. This primer is smooth, lightweight and felt like silk on the skin. Unlike other primers I’ve tried, this had a bit of a tint to it. I was nervous about the pigment showing beneath the makeup and making me look lighter than I am but it was completely transparent.

REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

Honey! Masks are my jam. You all know I love a good mask. I have been saving this one to try and I will be making a separate post about it to give it an isolated review. I have been into charcoal mask, particularly Derma E, over the holiday season to get all of the makeup out of my skin. Holiday parties and gathers are awesome but teh food, alcohol and constant touch-ups of makeup can take a toll on the skin. I’m saving this baby for a good day.


All in all, every month I enjoy my Ipsy products. I am so glad I decided to do this and I don’t believe I will be stopping any time soon.

Until Next Month Loves,




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