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Do’s and Don’ts for Dry Skin

Dry skin is the devil. I can’t stand it. Winter is the main time for dry skin and all this cold, blustery weather is the culprit. Hands, Face, feet, and lips suffer the most during these frigid months and it can really take a toll on you. Dry skin can be cracked, bleeding, itchy, irritated and can lead to open wounds and infections. Winter skin needs to be hydrated and cared for at all times. Never fear! The dry skin fairy is here! *Insert Smile Emoji*

Having your skin feel so dry and uncomfortable does not have to be something you suffer through. I have oily skin but I tend to get dry and sensitive as well which is very common. Combination skin goes through it all. There are products and practices that can help you go from parched to moisturized in moments. Besides going out in the weather, there are things that we do every day that we didn’t realize contribute to our dry skin. Once we stop that and adopt new routines, we’ll all be better off.

Here’s some Do’s and Don’ts for your dry skin whoas:

Do: A Hydrating Mask Weekly

It’s no secret that I love a good mask. Masks are fun and they really make you feel like you have your life (and skin) together. A hydrating mask is a great way to keep all the good moisture in your skin and restore what’s been lost. I thoroughly suggest a paper mask. A paper mask contours to the face, getting all of your trouble areas at once and it won’t dry you out like a peel mask. The one I have below, I’ve gotten from Walmart a few times and its usually on a stand where it is 2 for $5. Saving your skin, on a budget. *Bonus* It smells amazing and makes your skin feel smooth to the touch following the treatment!

Don’t: Use Scolding Hot Water when you shower

After a long, grueling day, there is nothing more relaxing than a nice hot shower. It’s the best and we all love it! However, it’s not the best think for dry skin. Contrary to what we may believe we are doing right with the water and humidity, taking too hot of a shower can draw the moisture out of your skin. Hot water washes away protective oils, making dry skin worse. If you dare, you can wash with cold water which is said to tighten the skin and close the pores. No one is telling you to give up your hot showers. (Oh God, NO!) However, cutting your shower time down a few minutes or lowering your temperature can make a world of difference.

Do: Drink More Water

What we do on the inside, contributes to what we see on the outside. Sometimes, the body acts up due to what it is lacking on the inside of our bodies. Drinking half our body weight in water not only helps with our metabolism but keeps us hydrated and balanced. If you drink enough water, you’ll see the difference in how often you make have to apply chapstick or even lick your lips. Water is a wonder!

Don’t: Forget to Moisturize

Moisturizer is dry skin’s BFF. Depending on what you use, it can be the sole thing keeping your skin intact. In particular, I use pure shea butter to moisturize at night. Its thick and creamy and really gives a good layer of protection over the skin. I got it from a local beauty store and I use it every day. I suggest getting a moisturizer that isn’t too thin or water based. Those tend to absorb quickly into the skin and don’t last as long. You want to get one that has an oil in it and is based on your skin care needs. Other great moisturizers are Nivea Cream, Jergens Original, Cocoa Butter, Cetaphil, Eucerin, Aquaphor, and Gold Bond. The last 4 mentioned are for severely dry skin that’s prone to cracking and eczema. Oh wait, don’t forget about the lips. Lips need love too. Carmex is my go to brand for dry lips. It lasts a while and tends to mimic a lip gloss. If you’re a makeup user, switching to a tinted moisturizer rather than foundation may be better for your dry skin and still make you look and feel amazing. Oh, and don’t forget your daily intake of water!






Do: Exfoliate

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your skin, is to get rid of some of it. Skin builds up with dryness, cracking, and scaling so scrubbing some of that away to get to the good layer of skin can be beneficial. Exfoliating with a scrub, mask, products or device designed for exfoliating 2-3 times per week will make help your dry skin stay away. You can exfoliate your entire body and my favorite part is to exfoliate my lips. This lip scrub that I got from my January Ipsy bag has made my lips feel like little pillows and I love it. I’ve also exfoliated with a brush and a face wash and they both have done wonders for my skin.

Bonus: Don’t over exfoliate

Over Exfoliating can lead to irritating the skin even more than when you started. Please make sure you only exfoliate a few times a week versus every day. Trust me, it’s tempting to keep scrubbing off that dryness because of how marvelous your skin feels after but making it worse it not worth it.

Adopting all of these new practices and products can help tremendously with dry skin. If you guys want me to go in deeper and more specifically with a particular product or part of the body, make a comment, send me an email or let me know.


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