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There are so many things that we have to deal with these days that are seemingly swept under the rug. They are mentioned and acknowledged and then fade off into the sunset as something less important and not worth continuing to mention. Recent tragedies like the mass shooting in Orlando has showed us that inequality and prejudice will do anything to stay relevant and present.

At the BET Awards, last Sunday, Jesse Williams made it his business to open our eyes about what is truly wrong in this country. His acceptance speech (video below) was a proud statement of who he is and where he wants this country to go. Not only did he praise certain groups but he praised who he was. This man of mixed race was able to stand up and fight with his less privileged side and still hold tight to the side that’s seemingly righteous.

“If You are not interested in equal rights for black people, do not give suggestions to those who do! Sit Down”

He stood for those fallen victims whose murders are widely known and yet mysterious to the before and after events. He hit the nail on the head with this system called “whiteness” and how black culture is constantly repeated and overhype and these people try us on like costumes and then hang us up like toys on a shelf to be used again when it’s convenient. Oh my how the puppets have now become the puppet masters.

“Just because we’re magical doesn’t mean we’re not real”

Dear Jesse Williams, thank you for saying what they don’t want to hear but need to recognize!


Candace Ray

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