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Facial Masks 101

Our skin goes through a lot. There’s so much pollution in the air, junk we eat, and products we use that effect us internally and shows externally. We all know it. It happens every single day. We do our best to find ways to take care of ourselves and that includes our skin. One of the ways we can keep our skin vibrant and healthy is to mask. Masking can be done for a number of reasons and there’s tons of masks for all of your skin needs and concerns. Let’s dive into types of masks, when you need one, and why it helps.



Mud Mask- A mud mask is water based. It is supposed to be hydrating and moisturizing to the skin. You should use a mud mask if you have dry skin. Mud masks are known to brighten, soften and refresh tired skin. If you need a refreshment and want dewy, hydrated skin, you might need the mud.

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Paper Mask- The new craze! Sheet (or paper) masks were introduced by Korean beauty experts and became a quick, less messy way of getting all of the skin benefits you need. Paper masks are a great on-the-go way of taking care of your skin. It does not take the place of your regular skin routine but helps it along. There are all kinds of sheet masks so you can pick which one you feel you need to most from pore care to collagen boosting. So if you have a few minutes and can’t spend the full time washing and moisturizing, then you might want to go for a sheet mask.


Peel Mask- Peels have so many benefits. From lifting layers of dead skin to calming and nourishing the skin, peel masks have it all. Like the clay, peels have the ability to unclog the pores and lift excess dirt and oil. Many are usually anti-inflammatory so they are known to fight blemishes and irritation to the skin. After a peel mask, skin is normally brighter and refreshed. If your skin is feeling dull, having frequent breakouts, and needing renewal, a peel might be just what you need.


Clay Mask- These Masks are generally used absorb excess oil and dirt in the skin. Clay masks have a drying affect to soak up the oil and tighten sagging skin. It can also exfoliate, refine enlarged pores and add nutrients to the skin. You might want to use a clay mask if you have extremely oily skin and oversized pores. This can beneficial for getting rid of all the impurities that are causes breakout and blemishes because we all know that clogged pores are horrible for you.


There are so many benefits to masks and I absolutely love them. For best results, you should do a mask at least once a week, according to your skin needs. You will see an improvement when you mask, have a regular skin routine, eat well and drink lots of water. Good skin isn’t just in the products you use but it starts from the inside out.  Treat yourself well and you’ll notice it in your skin.


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