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Hyperpigmentation: Causes and Treatments

Hyperpigmentation is extremely common yet not too easy to deal with. It’s basically when dark patches form on the skin making it look different from the normal surrounding skin. It’s basically increased melanin. This causes the skin to look uneven and patchy. It can come in the form of freckles, blotches, discoloration, and dismay. I’m all about the melanin but not when it’s not coming together as one even beauty.

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Having Hyperpigmentation can be frustrating. It can develop on the skin at any time for a number of reasons. Freckles can be hereditary, Age Spots can come from life, and others can be a result of a life event like pregnancy or a circumstance like taking medication. First you have to figure out why you’re having some hyperpigmentation and what you can do to rid your skin of this uneven debacle.

  • Contact a Dermatologist

Some conditions of hyperpigmentation need more attention than others. It can come from being pregnant, having a scar, psoriasis, acne, and liver spots so speaking to a doctor is important. The doctor can help you determine whether you need medication to resolve the problem or if it isn’t as severe as it appears to you.

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  • Protect Yourself

Sun Spots, age spots and dark marks are recurrent. For me, dark marks happened after I’ve had a pimple and popped it on my own rather than using cream or home remedies to get rid of it. The force that I used to pop it made a scar. Other spots came from laying on the beach and just living life. You must protect yourself. Sunscreen is necessary when you’re outside, especially when the sun is high and there’s no shade of protection. To all of my brown people who don’t think sunscreen is necessary, think again. Skin cancer and age spots are real and not exclusive to one race. The more SPF, the more protection. Be sure to read the label to know how long the product lasts and if it can withstand water, sweat, and activity. Eliminating too much time in the tanning bed can help as well. Self-tanning can, at times, be more harm than good.

  • Professional Methods

Some people are already in the practice of getting skin peels, laser skin treatments and microdermabrasion. Those have proven to be effective in many conditions of skin. Taking off a layer of skin can cause irritation at first but over time, should heal and even out the skin. However, these methods can be expensive. Try looking on sites like groupon or social media to find coupons to get these at an affordable price.

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  • Treatments

I am all about natural remedies and affordable practices to get any job done. I love DIY and home remedies. From the store, products with Retin-A and Alpha hydroxy acids are said to slow down the production of melanin. Also, skin lightening creams will help with the over production of melanin. If you’re life me and you want to go natural before you go to any medicine, then these home remedies are for you. Applying Rose hip oil, Lemon Juice, Cucumber and Aloe Vera, topically to the skin can help to lighten naturally and gently. These low key practices will help with hyperpigmentation over time and may be a better, safer option over other alternatives


I’m all about improving the skin and feeling your best. Overall, you have to do what’s best for you and see what products and practices work and what does not. Research, ask questions and see professional help before doing anything drastic. I will be doing a blog in the near future about covering up dark marks and what has worked for me specifically. Stay beautiful.


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