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Judgment: Who’s job is it?

At a very young age, I was taught that you should never argue religion and politics. Technically, there is no right or wrong answer. Everyone has strong opinions and beliefs and no one’s values are higher than another. Throughout life, I’ve learned that opinions and beliefs may change but judgment should remain the same. Bottom line, there shouldn’t be any.

Recently, we’ve all seen that the law for same sex marriage has changed. People of the same sex are allowed to marry, legally, in every state. This has been a long time coming for those of the LGBT community and it was stated that #LoveWins all across the U.S. It was a form of abolishment for this community and many of them couldn’t have been happier. However, for many citizens, this didn’t sit well and the war against politics and morals began. News and Social Media were pouring with a mix of disdain, criticism, and disagreements. An opinion is like a butthole, everyone has one. However, is there really a need to slander while sharing?

I’ve done my best to stay away and be neutral (I still am) but the personal attacks and criticism has become monumental. As a heterosexual Christian woman with friends of both genders, different religions, and sexual orientation and preference, I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t. The finger is pointed at me to uphold a responsibility to all parties and stay true to my values and beliefs. The blame shouldn’t be on me for staying neutral. Love has, and will always be, my bottom line.

The bible tells us that we should love one another as we do ourselves. We can surely be our own worse critics and each of us have personal struggles but don’t you love yourself enough to want to be free? Why are we so quick to need freedom for ourselves but judge others for wanting the same courtesy? None of us are God nor should we ever try to play his role. For those who believe, none of us have a hell to put people in, nor a heaven to take them out of. We shouldn’t shame others for having a lifestyle that’s different from the societal norm or acceptance when we steal, lie, commit adultery, and heavily indulge in gluttony. No sin is higher than another. It’s all the same in God’s eyes.

There will always be things that I don’t agree with and things that do not sit well with me. However, judgement of others will not be the bottom line of my beliefs. I am no better than anyone else. Once you start to point fingers, you have 3 more pointing back at you. In my humble opinion, each of us should look within and focus on our own struggles and reality rather than capitalizing on someone else’s.


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  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself, we can’t get so caught up in the word that we forget that love is the greatest commandment. We were put on this earth to show love to one another, like God has shown for us. Not one of us are without sin, some are just more visible than others. I applaud you for voicing your opinion on this, great piece!

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