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Lets Talk Under Eye Circles and Bags

If you ask any woman (and even men) living in this hectic and busy day in time what their biggest cosmetic problem is, they would probably say under eye bags and dark circles. Everyone deals with it and its annoying. It’s like all of your hard work and life is showing up on your face. Who wants that?

Cold Spoon: Hot and Cold compresses are known to cure swelling and pain. So, under eye shouldn’t be any different. The back of the spoon could work wonders for the bags under your eyes. All you need to do is put two silverware type spoons in the freezer overnight. In the morning, take the spoons out of the freezer and place the back under the eye for 10-15 minutes. You should see results rather quickly.

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Tea Bags: This little trick I took from my mom. This was my mom’s go to remedy for tired, puffy and even allergy ridden eyes. She would boil some water and toss two Lipton tea bags in. After letting the water boil for a while, she would then remove the tea bags and let them cool a bit on a plate. After, she would lie down and place each tea bag (still warm, not hot) under her eye. In a few hours, you would never be able to tell she ever had a puff problem. This has become my remedy very often.

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Cucumbers: Every woman has that vision of spa relaxation with the facial mask on the face while cucumber rest on the eyes. Well guess what? That’s a thing. Cucumber are usually kept cold and something like that is perfect for getting rid of puffiness all around the eye, including the lid. The next time you have a stressful day, get a relaxing mask for your face and a couple of cold cucumbers for your eyes and take a breather.

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***Dark Circles: The Thing that you have to remember about dark circles is that it takes time. Puffiness is easier to get rid of but dark circles take a day or 8.

Potatoes: So, guess what naturally has a skin lightening element in it and its probably right in your kitchen. You guessed it! It’s potatoes. Who would have thought? Potatoes are a well-kept secret in the beauty world. Many people use it for dark marks and to brighten under arm darkness as well. There’s two ways that you can do this.

a)       Grate a raw potato and put the juice of it in a bowl, Place two cotton balls in the bowl and let it consume the juice. Once the cotton balls are fully saturated, place over the eyes for 10-15 minutes. Once done, rinse the eyes with cool water and repeat once or twice daily for a few weeks until you have the results you like.

b)      Instead of grating the potato, you can cut thick potato slices and place them over the eyelids. Follow the same instructions previously.

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Lemon Juice: This is also one of those things that is surprising and in your kitchen. Lemon has so many wonderful factors in and out of the body. Cotton balls are your friend here as you can saturate them with some lemon juice, rub the juice under the eye and leave on for 10 minutes. After your time is up, rinse with cool water and repeat once a day for a few weeks.

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Dark circles and Bags are so common for everyone and each person has their own struggle. However, there’s always a solution to the problem. Pick one and apply.



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