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L.A. Colors: Naturally Pink Phot Credit:

Lip Shades for Darker Skin

If you’re anything like me, you are short, chocolate and sassy. Also, if you’re anything like me then you know that it can

L.A. Colors: Naturally Pink Phot Credit:
L.A. Colors: Naturally Pink
Phot Credit:

be a challenge to find makeup, particularly lip shades, which match or compliment your skin tone. I’ve always loved theversatility of the colors but I’ve never been so adventurous in that department for fear of looking like I belonged in acircus. Everyone wants to stand out but no one wants to feel out of place.

I’ve tried a few tones and came up with the best ones for ladies of darker skin tones who want to try lip colors but do not know where to start. From dark to light, below you’ll find all of the tones that may go wonderfully with your next outfit, hairstyle and event.

Dark: I always wanted to try dark tones but I thought that my chocolate tone would make me look too gothic and that’s definitely not what I was going for. I am chocolate but my light undertones of yellow and orange put me in a category of my own when it comes to lip shades. I found something that wasn’t only extremely affordable but great for my skin tone

NYX Lip Shade: Dark Plum Photo Credit:
NYX Lip Shade: Dark Plum
Photo Credit:

You can find NYX at any drug store or your local beauty supply store and the cost is about $5

Reds & Pinks: With red and pink tones for darker skin you want to make sure it’s not too hot and bright that it looks like a neon swatch on your face. You want to choose a shade that is softer and with your correct undertone. If you’re dark and have undertones of blue and purple you want to choose a red or pink that is deep and warm in shade. If you’re undertone is yellow and orange, like me, you want to choose a red or pink that is cool and lighter in shade. The pink I chose below didn’t just bring a sparkle to my outfit but it brightened up my face and complimented my tone. The red here stands out but does not make me look like a clown.

NYX Shade: Spellbound Photo Credit:
NYX Shade: Spellbound
Photo Credit:

This is another NYX lipstick that I found at my local beauty supply store for less than $5

Lip Shade: Sephora Rouge Photo
Lip Shade: Sephora Rouge

I got this lipstick at Sephora and it was around $18 including tax!

Nude: My Go To shade is always a sheer nude type of shade. I’ve always been into glosses so nude is right up my alley. I find that a nude that resembles a softer pink looks amazing on darker skin. If your nude lipstick is too tan or beige in tone then it may end up making you look pasty and dry on the lips instead of like a lip shade. If that happens, putting a clear gloss over the shade may soften the look.

L.A. Colors: Naturally Pink Phot Credit:
L.A. Colors: Naturally Pink
Phot Credit:

The shade I’m wearing here is the Naturally Pink lip Crayon by L.A. Colors. You can find this at your local drug store for about $2 or $3.

Last Tip: Wear your makeup with confidence. If something does not look or feel right to you, take it off and start over. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting and finding what feels best for you. Be comfortable with what you wear


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