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I’m a fan of things being clear. I like when things have a distinct difference so that you can tell what is what and where something belongs. Gray isn’t so bad at times but I prefer black or white. When things have blurred lines, there is too much confusion and chaos. You’re left wondering where you’re supposed to be and how exactly you should act. It’s a mess. Clear differences makes the world go ’round.

One clear difference that I always debate and like to explain is two words that are basically the same but, mostly in my humble opinion, have a serious difference between the two. LOVE and LUV. I know you’re looking at it like, “Its the same thing.” However, it isn’t. Let me explain…..

Love is the highest form of adoration you can feel. Love is a feeling you get when you truly feel overwhelmed by how much someone means to you. Love is emotion and action. When you’re in it, you’ll know it because there is nothing like it. You LOVE your mother, father, siblings, and if you’re lucky, a significant other. If you would rather see someone smile than in pain, you love them. If you’d take on an injury, hurt or pain in any sort of way rather than to have another person feel it, you love them. If you’d risk your own well being for another, you love them. Love is that profound. You could even love an animal. In all things, LOVE is a feeling and an action.

On the other side, LUV is a strong like. It came as an abbreviation when text messaging started to get more popular in the early 2000’s but the word has been so overused and under appreciated that it has lost its power. LUV is a more passive form of adoration showing that you have some feeling but nothing strong enough to take a bullet. You LUV things like Wendy’s nuggets, Sephora, Forever 21, and Fro-Yo! It’s the kind of LUV that doesn’t define who you are but simply makes you happy and changes your mood. Its never groundbreaking or phenomenal, just cheering. Was it really that hard to keep the word as 4 Letters?

You LOVE your Grandmother. You LUV Chick-Fil-A! Catch my drift? Love is more than just a word so treat it that way. I believe when the one letter was dropped the meaning and power behind the word went with it. LOVE is needed. Wouldn’t you rather be LOVED? Don’t you want to feel that overwhelming, warming, cheering, blissful, “I can’t get enough of you” kind of LOVE or would you rather the passive, nonchalant, “I’m only saying this because you want to hear it” kind of LUV? To each his own! Whatever’s best for you.

For me, I want to feel like I matter. I want to know that who I LOVE loves me back wholeheartedly with no regrets or apologies. I guarantee if we learned to LOVE more, the world would be a better place.

LOVE people and — USE things! Not the other way around.


Candace Ray

**You’re Welcome for the Memo**


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