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New Year, No Resolution!

Social Media Reminds us each year around the new year how many people want and plan to make changes. From the people complaining of those screaming new year, new me to the ones claiming to cut off friends and foes over the next few weeks, we’re always reminded of what we should be doing after the ball drops. I, on the other hand, have other plans. Its a new year but I have no resolutions.

When I was growing up, my mother passed on the New Year traditions of the family. From what I was told, you never bring the new year in with a dirty home, without money in your pocket, holding a grudge and to top it off, you eat black eyed peas for good luck, greens for financial gain and make a solid resolution. Year after Year, I made this all my business to accomplish before the new year set in. However, every year, I hadn’t felt any more lucky than the year prior, my finances fluctuated, some people that I started with in the beginning of the year cleared out before the end of the year while new people took their place and my resolutions faded and came back and then repeated the cycle like a washing machine. Luckily, my house is clean on a regular because my mom was such a neat freak. After cycles of this and 2017 taking the cake of a roller coaster ride called life, I decided to throw the whole tradition away. No, Thanks!

Its a new year and I have absolutely no resolutions. I’m not setting anything just to say I have something that I’m working on. Instead, I set goals in place with a timeline. You can always make a resolution but making a goal with a date is realistic and restrictive. Not only do you see what you want and what you’re working toward but you have to set a realistic time to have it done. To hell with superstition, I’m all about goal setting, progress and results.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with tradition and superstition but if you do the same things over and over and don’t see a different result, you’re repeating a cycle of insanity. To each his own and if it works for you, then it works. Have at it! However, if there’s no results and you’re expecting mountains to move, then pray over that mountain, have faith that it will move and then work until it does!

Faith without work is DEAD!

Here’s to all the mountain’s we’ll over come in 2018

I’m Ready,

Candace Ray


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