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November Ipsy Bag:Review

I’ve been subscribed to Ipsy for about 5 months now and I can truly say that I am in love. They have sent me so many products that I have started to live by. As you all can see from the blog, I am very into skin care and makeup so something like Ipsy is ideal for me. I get to try new products and give my honest opinion to my readers. That’s the best part.


Because the glam bag comes to my house each month, I’ve decided to feature it on the blog and give an overview and at times, review. Coming soon, these reviews will be on video!


Tini Beauty- Eyetini

Color FireStarter

When I first saw this eye shadow, I immediately thought fall. The color was vibrant and beautiful. It’s cranberry color with hints of orange and gold undertones but not too much that it takes away from it being dark. I applied it to my lid to test the pigment and it was great. There was some fall out but not as much as I’ve experience with other products. This would pair great with brown or black as the kick to a smokey eye. I plan to put this baby to use pretty soon.


Delectable (Miracle Material)- Hand Cream

Scent-Sweet Mint and Cream

Winter tends to dry out the skin, especially the hands. This cold weather we are having came on fast and strong so I always like to carry something around in my purse that will keep me from having hands that look like I’ve been high fiving rocks all day. This hand cream smells AMAZING. It reminds me of junior mints candy. Not only does it smell great, it was smooth and lightweight but significant enough to keep my hands moisturize! I wouldn’t mind having this on hand daily.


Luxie 524T Flat Top brush

To be honest, I’m still learning my brushes. I’m pretty sure that I’ve been using them wrong. However, I looked this one up and I found that this type of brush has many purposes. It can be used for a liquid or powder but may be best for a powder. I used it to put on some blush and highlighter and it worked perfectly fine. The tip has lost its white color but that’s to be expected with using different powders and blushes, even with cleaning. I’m looking forward to seeing what else this brush can do!


Mad Lash

Black Mascara


I thought the packaging for this mascara was pretty cute and compact. I’m not sure if this is the full size or sample size but either way I think it’s cute. The brush is curved which is usually for volume for the lashes. In using the mascara, I found that I had to go over my lashes many times to see some volume. I have naturally long lashes so I love any type of mascara that makes them darker and longer so that they can be mistaken for falsies which, for me, happens often.  The color is great but the brush has to go over the lashes many times to make them voluminous. I personally LOVE the Superhero Mascara that I got in my last Ipsy bag and this one didn’t fully meet my expectations but I don’t hate it. I’m going to give it a few more tries.


Absolute NY Matte Lipstick

Dark Red


Lipstick is still growing on me. I have a serious love for gloss and I’m having a hard time crossing over. Lipstick tends to be drying and I’d rather have a moisturized lip. I am more of a nude lip type of girl so I am still getting used to colors. With that being said, this lip color was truly a surprise to me! I did not think I would love it as much as I did! The color complimented my skin tone very well and did not dry out my lips. Also, I was able to remove it with a makeup wipe with no problem. For me, easy cleanup is key!


Overall, I loved this glam bag. Ipsy almost never disappoints and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for December!


Until Next month…



Candace Ray


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