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Nubian Skin makes its way to the US

Holy Ade Hassan!!!

Someone heard the cry of the butterscotch, caramel, and chocolate women around the world. In other words, without the flavor, women of color are finally acknowledged in the nude category.

Photo Cred-Huffington Post
Photo Cred-Huffington Post

Previously, when referring to the color “Nude,” you would see, or picture, a taupe or pale peach color. This was considered “Flesh.” In 1962, Crayola changed the “flesh” colored crayon to peach in honor of the civil rights movement and accepting one another for who we are. It only took America 53 years to acknowledge that Nude or “Flesh” colors are actually just as unique as a box of crayons.

Ade Hassan was one of those people whose reality of a “flesh” skin tone was a lot different from what society displayed. Hassan decided that she would create lingerie for women who didn’t identify with taupe or peach but chocolate and caramel brown. Based in the UK, Hassan founded Nubian Skin, a hosiery and lingerie company specializing in skin toned items for women of color. Although headquartered in London, Hassan has expanded her business to deliver worldwide. Congratulations American Honey Dips! You’re now able to get your “flesh toned” bras and panties for every occasion you could possibly need it for.


Not only is this company convenient in skin tone and delivery, the prices are extremely affordable. Bras start at 14 euro, which translates to 15.62 in dollars, and go up to 29 euro, translating to 32.36 in dollars. Panties, like bras, start at 14 euro and go up to 18 euro which translates into 20.08 in dollars. There are also tights and pantie-hose that will fit your fancy. There Victoria Secret better watch out, Nubian Skin is here.


As a black woman, who loves variety in my wardrobe, I am grateful for Nubian Skin. I need to be able to see myself in hosiery and items for women simply because I exist. It shouldn’t  be so difficult to find yourself in clothing or look at a nude item and it’s automatically lighter than you. My bare skin is brown and that does not make me, or anyone who looks like me, any less of a person. We are all flesh.



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