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One Bodysuit, 4 Outfits

The number one thing I look for in everyday fashion is versatility. When it comes to affordable fashion, having items that can transform into more than one outfit are essential in staying trendy but not over spending. Bodysuits at very trendy right now. They can be modest or sexy and always on point for any outfit. The best thing about a bodysuit is, most of the time, they at super affordable. The come in a variety of styles and colors and are very flattering for any body type. (Outfit details below)

During Black Friday’s sale, I bought a bodysuit from Forever 21. I love the detail and material. The criss cross design gives it a subtle sexiness and the stretchy and clingy material makes it fitted but able to carry more or less weight for comfort. The best part is that during this sale, I only paid $9 for the suit. I have the email confirmation to prove it, ok?? They had a variety of colors but I’m a sucker for crisp, white tops and white is awesome for versatility.

I made 4 different outfits using this one body suit. You can dress it up or down, overly accessorize it or make it lowkey. Here’s some ideas for you:

This version is paired with ripped jeans, rose gold pumps, and a blush blazer to match. This is an edgy date night, night out with the girls, or low key client meeting type of outfit. You have the edge of the body suit and jeans but you also have the class and femininity of the pumps and blazer. This was my favorite outfit of the 4.

Ripped Jeans- Primark $24

Shoes- Primark $7

Blazer: Jasmine $20


This version is sophisticated and sexy. Paired with a knee length pencil skirt and peep-toe booties, here’s an outfit that can go for miles. You can wear this to a non-traditional office setting, dinner with coworkers, or a dressed up family outing. I’m in love with how smooth and easy this outfit came together and there’s so many places and situations that this would be appropriate.

Booties- Charlotte Russe $15

Skirt- Charlotte Russe $10


If you’re looking for casual, this is totally for you. The high-waist jeans and thigh high boots give this outfit the look of being well put together but with minimal effort. High waist jeans usually turn a chill outfit into something sexy and slimming. Pair this with both for casual sexiness.

Boots- Charlotte Russe $20

High Waist Jeans- $12.90

As you can see below, I stuck with the high waist jeans but added an oversized sweater and flats to continue the casual feel. This is a great winter outfit because of the layering and warmth but you’re still casual, cute and weather appropriate. This is a great outfit for a night in at home with friends, running errands or going to an appointment.

Open Cardigan- Forever 21 $12.99

Flats- Primark $7


Use these 4 outfits as inspiration to get more out of your closet and single items that you buy. If you need any help, ask me! I got you


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