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Positive Vibes Only

I love anything that is positive. If there is something that is uplifting, inspiring, or motivating, I’m all over it. A lot of the news involve murder rates, kidnappings, mistreatment of children and animals, lifestyle bashing, and a plethora of uneducated images and decisions. It’s disheartening. I am a believer of things that are better. Anything that could make you a better person, overall, is what you should be a part of. I do my best to spread positive energy and encouragement. From my morning motivation texts to family and friends to public prayers, either in words or action, whenever requested, I do what I can to make sure that someone is enlightened and influenced every day.

Would you believe that some people look at my positivity as fake? It’s True! The thought that I could be some sort of happy every day is seemingly a covering to get people to like me or believe that I am more than I am. Its possibly staged each day so that I can get people on my team without completely being my plain self. The smile on my face could be wiped off with a Bounty paper towel and the joy in my heart can get pushed out by anger in under 60 seconds. Why is it that when someone isn’t a raging bitch 24/7, its unbelievable? Why do we believe in the bad things more than we do the good things?

Rule Number One of being exactly who you are: Don’t apologize for it

Rule Number Two of being exactly who you are: Never forget rule number one

One of the biggest lessons I learned in life is that “Those who matter don’t mind and Those who mind don’t matter.” If there is someone who used to matter that minds, they don’t need to be in your life. You have to be comfortable with you. If my smile and my willingness to be joyful in the face of adversity offends someone then that person can’t be in my life. Life is all about choices and I choose positivity. I choose better and I choose joy. If happen to choose misery, that’s not a problem. I will not RSVP to your pity party!


Candace Ray

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