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Ren Radiance Renewal Mask: Review

As Promised, I came back to my December Ipsy box to review the Ren Renewal mask. I’ve tried everything else in that bag and I love mostly everything. I’m still determined to try out that Tarte lip paint but I’m still getting used to color. I have a gift card to Sephora that I will be using for some supplies and goodies.


As much as I love a good mask, I was nervous about this one. The label read that it’s not suitable for sensitive skin. If you’ve read previous posts then you know that I have sensitive skin in most cases but it’s also oily and in some spots dry. I am the true definition of combination skin and some things work for me and some don’t. At times, I’m not as sensitive so I put the mask on a small part of my face to test how bad it may be, two days prior to trying the mask fully. I used it as directed and gave myself two days to see whether I had some type of reaction. There was nothing abnormal after treatment so I tried a full face.

Many times, when you think of a mask, you think if the sticky ones that harden or peel off of your face. In my love of masks, I’ve learned that it may not come that way and a mask can be quite different from what we normally think. This mask, in particular, glided on like Vaseline. It was shiny, thick and slick like a lip gloss. It made my face look like I had ran a marathon and sweat the entire time. I looked saturated. The product started to tingle after a minute or two which was said to be normal, according to the label. I didn’t mind the tingling. It wasn’t unbearable.

The next few minutes with the mask was uneventful. It wasn’t a peel or hardening mask so I didn’t have to wait for the stiffness. It sat there with minimal issues and I went about my nightly routine as usual. After 10 minutes had passed, I checked my face for any redness or abnormalities. After all, the mask did have its warning about sensitive skin. I didn’t see anything so I proceeded to wash it off.

Washing off this product was not easy. It took a few times to feel like the product was fully off of my face. My hands were gliding all over the product and it felt like forever to get it off but once I did, my face was smooth and not unusual. It looked pretty good. After I dried my face, I followed up under my eye with this wonder cream that a friend of mine gave me from her Birchbox. I don’t have puffiness but I usually have some darkness from being tired and she thought this might help. I applied the cream and put my normal moisturizer on the rest of my face, avoiding that area, and went to bed.

The next day, I was truly expecting for my skin to be brighter and vibrant. My face didn’t have an unusual blemish but it also did not have the brightness that I was looking for from a renewal mask. Maybe that was not the purpose of the mask but it was certainly what I was looking for. Overall, I give the mask a 5 out of 10 for now. I will be trying it again to see what I can get from it. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t really get what I was looking for out of it so I will give it another try before I say it’s not for me.  In the meantime, I will take care of these two pimples that randomly popped up on my face.



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