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Ripped Jeans for Fall 2017

Ripped, distressed jeans are my favorite. ¬†They show personality, style, and versatility. ¬†That’s exactly the qualities we all need if we want to dress stylish but on a budget this coming season. Ripped Jeans for Fall 2017 fashion works just as well as Spring and Summer. Each outfit in this post is under $50. Talk about a steal!!


When I look for jeans, I look for qualities that will fit me. I like jeans that are fitted, not too tight, and will show off the bit of booty I have. In terms of fashion and style, you have to know what you are trying to achieve and what you want to show off and accentuate. If you know what you’re trying to achieve with your look, size won’t matter as much to you. The look and feel will be the most important.


When it comes to ripped jeans, you still want to have the same mindset about that, even though the front of the jeans are all torn. In my case, I wanted my jeans to be ripped but classy. I don’t like too may holes nor am I a fan of so much skin being shown, defeating the purpose of being ripped. I like a pair that’s ripped in all the right places and if I have to go to the men’s section to find it then so be it.


Fall is our very next season and I know its everyone’s favorite time to dress cute and cozy. The first few weeks of Fall are not too cold so having a pair of ripped, distressed jeans with a sweater or jacket will help you achieve your Fall trendy. You can go with a pair of heels or a stylish pair of flats and dress them up or all the way down. Below, I will show you two looks with distressed jeans for you to mix, match and make it your own.

Details: Blouse: Primark $8

Jeans: Primark (Men’s Section) $25

Shoes: Forever 21 $12

Here’s more Casual look to run some errands, hang with friends, or grab a quick lunch!



Details: Cardigan: Charlotte Russe $10

Jeans: Ross $15.99

Shoes: Primark $7


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