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Statement Sweaters

This feels like the longest winter ever. It could be that we’ve seen the coldest record temps in my area in the last decade. However, some days is 60 degrees and comfortable and the next day it’s polar bear balls. I’m over it! Although I don’t like the cold, I welcome any opportunity to be seasonably fashionable. What better way to do that with statement sweaters?

I love any sweater that you notice as soon as you put it on. It’s one of those sweaters where you can wear it and you can just throw on a pair of jeans, boots, and simple jewelry and go. These sweaters are super cute and so casual. This is a way to dress down and be simple yet stylish.

Clothing that subtly show off your sexy is my favorite. The peek-a-boo sweater below is from Ross and it’s one of my favorite sweaters. It shows the shoulder but it’s still warm and you can layer a cami for extra warmth underneath. I paid $11.99 for this sweater and it did not disappoint. It’s a soft pink color and goes very well with any color jeans or style of boots. I usually like to wear it with my dark blue jeans, knee high chestnut brown boots and gold accessories (my fave).

This lavender goodness caught me by surprise one day. I was in a store at the local strip mall, called Mad Rag, by my house and was about to leave out when this caught my eye. The sleeves caught me. It was unique. I loved the color and the embellishment of the sleeves. It was a simple sweater with some flair. What’s even better is that it was on sale for $5! Winning!! Although not in the picture, I like to pair this sweater with a choker. Because the sleeves are so flamboyant, this sweater does not need too many accessories. The sweater speaks for itself.

I added this little chunky knit flat lay because this sweater is a beautiful color and has a distinct knit. This is the top of sweater you can cozy up on the couch with an have a cup of tea or pair with a pencil skirt and these cute pumps to match. Its versatile and so pretty. It’s a nice color for this brisk winter season.



Statement sweaters are meant to make these intolerable winter months quite bearable. I hope you are all enjoying this season. Oh, but if you aren’t, maybe you can hate it…in style!



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