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Trending: Off the Shoulder

I am absolutely obsessed with the off the shoulder trend. If you watched my recent YouTube show, “Girl, No!,” then you may remember me saying that this trend was a total “Do” for the summer (see previous post). I’m a girl’s girl so I love anything feminine and sexy without being too over the top and off the shoulder gives me just that.

I put together a little look book here for you all to see the off the shoulder style and different ways to style it. Also, because I love a good bargain, nothing here is over $20 and I will provide each place that I got the item from. Soon, I will be showing all of you how to make a full outfit from head to toe with only $50. Stay tuned for that but keep scrolling for more trendy looks. Top:

Jeans: Ross

Choker: Forever21

Sandals: Jasmine

Top: Rainbow

Shorts: Jasmine

Sunglasses: (Use my code NewShades4You and get 10% off)

Sneakers: Five Below

Dress & Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Necklace and Earrings: Primark


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