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I will vote as long as I am alive to do so

Today marks 7 more days until we have to choose the next president of the United States of America.

I’ve heard so many people talk about the importance of voting, why they don’t/won’t vote, our public vote does not matter, and the reason they are voting for their respective political party. The topics around election years are usually the same but this one has to top every single one that we’ve had in history.

The first reason has to be the obvious. We have a woman running for president. Barack Obama was clearly the first man of color to win the ballot but Hillary Clinton is the first woman that has gotten this far on the ticket. Although we have the Libertarian and Green Party, we only ever seem to choose from the Republican and Democratic party. Everyone wants to stand by to see if there will be more history in the making. The other reason is another obvious one. Two Words: Donald Trump. If you’ve watched anything that he’s ever been on in regards to his campaign, then you know exactly what I am talking about. The antics, negative banter, and surrounding scandals have been more than most can bear. DR. Oz even had a segment on his show about this election year raising the blood pressure and stress levels of many consumers. The problem is that, the unknown scares us and at this point, it’s really anyone’s game.
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The supposed point of it being anyone’s game lies within our power! Some people don’t believe that the public vote counts for anything and we are all being bamboozled into thinking that we actually matter. People don’t want to vote because they feel that both political parties have made a mockery of the issues that matter to most of us. Student loan debt, women’s health, abortion, health care and the country’s financial stake are at the top of the list when it comes to what we need as a unit and the parties have made it more about bashing the other, emails, and inappropriate conduct. I won’t dismiss any of the behavior or points of the public but I won’t misuse my right to vote.
For me to state that I am a young black woman, is unnecessary but the point has to be proven. My ancestors legacy was built on fight and dedication so why would I not use what was so begrudgingly given to me. I deserve to vote for whom I think is fit to run this country. I deserve to carry my voter registration card like a badge of honor and I deserve to display my chocolate face in a both and stand for everything that I believe in. I am more than an opinion, I’m a true statement. I won’t be blinded by what I may not count as. As long as there is an election and as long as I am alive for it, I will always exercise my right to vote. My great grandmother needs me too.
Candace Ray

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