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Winter 2017 Color Trends: Blue and Pink

Winter’s first day was December 21, however, we really haven’t felt the effects of the season. Some of us are still wearing open toe shoes and ripped jeans with no legging underneath. We’ve had our days of cold but it hasn’t gotten to that “no leaving the house” sort of circumstances. Cold winter storm days tend to do that to us.

We can’t deny that it’s winter. Those cold days are coming soon enough but that doesn’t mean we can’t welcome it in style. From my research, I found that different shades of blue and pink are winter 2017 trends of the season. I am certainly here for that. Front and Center, Honey! I love trying out different colors. Black and White are definitely crowd pleasers but if you want to liven up you life, and wardrobe, try adding these suggestions below.

Shades of Blue

Blue makes you think of winter. The ice, snow, rain, and the color of your lips and hands from being outside taking care of what nature brought all have an underlying shade of blue. The color is said to be calming, serene, and peaceful. Its also associated with sadness (The winter blues) but we’re taking the negativity out of there and making blue a positive and in demand color.

I believe that blue is perfect for sweaters, shoes, decor and accessories. They can give that perfect pop of color to any outfit. Of course, you have other items that may come in handy in the color but, in my opinion, these items stand out more. Winter calls for sweaters and cardigans so having this color in one of these makes an effortless of staying trendy. Shoes like flats and sneakers are awesome ways to jazz up an outfit without overkill of one color.

One of my favorite ways to dress is to have an outfit on one color but center my shoes and accessories around another color. I really feel like I’m using my personal style to stand out. Blue accessories are a great way to do that. Statement necklaces, rings, earring, ear cuffs and bracelets,  a bag, you name it and it will go.

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Shades of Pink

My favorite color is purple but I can’t deny my love for pink. Pink is great in so many ways. I love pink as an accessory and part of makeup. Pink blush goes very well with my brown skin tone and you all know I live for a pale pink/nude lip. Pink is just one of those colors that’s subtle but can be powerful. It’s defined as feminine, sweet and romantic which is perfect for the month of February. This color also works great in a cable knit sweater, flats and many other items but I personally think pink works well as a nail polish, blush, lip color, scarf and transitional eyeshadow. This can be the lining in our blue skies since its sharing the spot light this season.

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This winter season, do your best to make your personal style standout. Everyone might be able to do it, but no one does it like you!


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