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Should a Woman still be Domestic if she is the Breadwinner?

For many years now, women have been making their way in the workforce. Earlier in the year, the census reported that Black Women are the increasing race in entrepreneurship and educational accomplishments. Now more than ever, women are gaining bachelors and master’s degrees, starting businesses and becoming CEO’s and CFO’s. Long ago are the days of just being barefoot and pregnant. This time we bare the children and get back to business. *Insert Beyonce “Who Runs the World” * Formerly, Women were to take care of the home while the men were to bring the money. However, if the woman is also the one out in the workforce and bringing the money, whose job is it to keep the home and family?

Traditional Gender roles tell us that women are to handle the house chores, the children and rationing the budget. A man is supposed to go to work, bring in the finances for the family, and be the muscle when it comes to home repairs and disciplining the children. You’d be living under a rock if you did not know that these roles have completely changed over the years. It’s more likely that your boss could be a woman and her husband could be a Stay-At-Home Dad. Now, it could be that she brings in the money and he keeps the house.

Many things with the world have changed but many ideologies and mindsets are still the same. More often than not, people still think that a woman’s place is in the home even if she has a job. It’s believed that a man should only have to worry about providing for the family and being taken care of when he gets home because he’s worked the day long. As a woman, If I am bringing in the money, is my job still to tend to the children and the house because that is what society has perpetuated as my position?

I came from a household where both of my parents worked. My mother owned her own business and my dad worked with people with special needs. There were times were my dad worked overnight and weekends. My mom did most of the cooking, cleaning, homework help, and parent teacher conferences but when my dad was able, he made dinner, did the laundry and driving to different extracurricular activities for us. In my house, it was not all one person’s job to keep the house and family. There was effort on both parts. Clearly, having your own business and working for someone else is a big difference in net worth but it depends on how you work together.

The supposed idea is that a man is less of a man if he is not the sole provider for the family. Women aren’t supposed to make more than men and many times, we don’t. The gender gap is very real but there is no denying that with education and determination women can lead the pack. Gender roles are a huge factor in how your house will go.It’s all about how you perceive it and if you’re willing to get rid of the traditional practices. For a man, are you comfortable with cleaning the bathroom, preparing dinner and doing homework while your woman works late? Also, ladies, are humble enough to still treat your man like a man although you make more money than him? Ask yourselves these questions.


Gender roles do not need to be traditional. Look around! We had a woman as a viable candidate to run the country. We can surely change things up a bit.


Candace Ray


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